If you read the blog, then you need no introduction to these beautiful old skool miniatures, for those just visiting…

Otherworld Miniatures are a UK manufacturer of metal & resin fantasy miniatures. They have found a niche by attempting to produce renditions of all the monsters in the early AD&D monster manuals, as a result they have a charming old-skool character to them, something which very much appeals to people who into D&D during the early AD&D era. Anyway their products speak for themselves, just take a look…

Picture Description Price Total Bids Time remaining
Otherworld HH3a Dwarf Mercenary v1 (1) 28mm Miniature Warrior Henchman Fighter $6.99 2d11h26m
Otherworld DM27b Cockatrice II (1) Miniature Dungeon Monster Fantasy Rooster NIB $13.50 2d12h18m
Otherworld DM3a Ogre I (1) Miniature Monstrous Giant Warrior w/ Hammer & Spear $15.75 2d22h03m
Otherworld DM8b Purple Worm v2 (1) 28mm Miniature Giant Fantasy Monster NIB $78.75 7d12h03m
vintage RAL PARTHA/OTHERWORLD? lead miniature dungeons dragons – 2pc CRYPT $34.95 7d15h21m
Otherworld DM27a Cockatrice I (1) Miniature Dungeon Monster Fantasy Rooster NIB $13.50 9d11h19m
Otherworld O13 Pig-Faced Orc Boar-Rider III (1) 28mm Miniature Cavalry Warrior $15.75 9d12h53m
Otherworld DAD16 Female Gnome Fighter (1) 28mm Miniature Warrior Adventurer NIB $6.99 9d14h06m
Otherworld DM25 Water Weird (1) 28mm Miniature Water Monster in Well Dungeon NIB $24.50 9d14h12m
Otherworld OG5 Ogress (1) 28mm Miniature Female Ogre Warrior Giant Humanoid NIB $17.50 9d14h56m
Otherworld DGN2 Black Dragon (1) 28mm Miniature Fantasy Swamp Drake Acid Wyrm $78.75 10d20h07m
Otherworld DGN1 White Dragon (1) 28mm Fantasy Miniature Winter Drake Cold Wyrm $69.99 10d20h19m
Otherworld WE10g Giant Spider II (1) 28mm Miniature Huge Arachnid NIB $24.50 12d22h25m
Otherworld G6 Ettin (1) 28mm Fantasy Miniature Two-Headed Evil Giant Ogre NIB $29.99 13d22h42m
Otherworld DF2a Ornamental Font (1) 28mm Miniature Dungeon Furniture Terrain NIB $11.18 14d12h13m
Otherworld OG1 Ogre Warrior I (1) 28mm Miniature Barbarian Hill Giant Troll NIB $19.25 15d10h49m
Otherworld DR6a Male Drider I (1) 28mm Miniature Dark Elf Mutant Spider Centaur $13.39 16d11h25m
Otherworld DAH16 Female Human Magic User (1) 28mm Miniature Wizard Sorcerer Mage $7.44 16d11h36m
Otherworld GB10 Goblin Wolfrider Champion (1) 28mm Miniature Wolf Rider Hero NIB $13.25 17d17h08m
Otherworld DAD12 Male Halfling Thief (1) 28mm Miniature Dungeon Adventurer Rogue $5.94 19d11h53m