Ral Partha

Ral Partha Miniatures ceased trading and production around 2001. Some of the production rights are now held by Iron Wind Metals and they still manufacture some of the historical range under license from Ral Partha sculptors.

Other than direct from Iron Wind Metals, the best place to search for them is on ebay.

Picture Description Price Total Bids Time remaining
Grenadier BARBARIAN WARRIOR 1423 AD&D 25mm Lead Miniature Ral Partha Fighter Axe $4.99 0d05h18m
FARTH MASTERS!! Ral Partha Miniature 02-516!! New+Sealed!! $12.99 0 0d05h52m
MONK w STAFF 1210 Heritage Dungeons Dragons 25mm Metal Miniature Ral Partha Lead $2.99 0d05h56m
Ral Partha CLERIC w SNAKE STAFF Early Version 01-004 AD&D 25mm Metal Miniature $2.99 0d06h07m
Ral Partha Chaos Wars GRIMSKULL THE REAPER 10-414 AD&D 25mm Miniature FIGHTER $4.99 0d06h25m
Ral Partha MUMMY 11-102 RAVENLOFT AD&D Miniature 25mm Figure Metal Grenadier Lot $3.99 0d06h27m
Ral Partha ADAM 10-511 RAVENLOFT Vampire 25mm Miniature Frankenstein Metal Lead $3.99 0d06h29m
Ral Partha SKELETON RIDER ON HELL HORSE FTS22 Metal Miniature Dungeons Dragons $9.99 0d06h40m
Ral Partha 16-001 Grimtox Venomous Desert Dragon (1) Miniature Fantasy Drake NIB $74.95 0d07h51m
Ral Partha UNICORN 02-909 Dungeons Dragons Miniature 25mm Horse Mythological $7.99 0d09h16m
Vintage 1982 Ral Partha D&D Lead Miniature Lion painted by Ray $4.00 0 0d09h16m
RAFM ORC INFANTRY w BOWS 3204 Miniature AD&D Wizard Ral Partha Fantasy Metal $7.99 0d09h23m
Ral Partha 91-305 Crucible Knomes with Auto-Ballista (1) Miniature Dwarves Gnome $4.95 0d09h27m
Rare Dungeons & Dragons 1993 Ral Partha Growling Wolf Dog Metal Miniature D&D $8.95 0 0d09h45m
RAFM ORC INFANTRY w PIKES 3210 Miniature AD&D Wizard Ral Partha Fantasy Metal $7.99 0d09h54m
RAFM UNDEAD KNIGHT 3885 Miniature AD&D Ral Partha Dungeons Dragons Skeleton Lot $5.99 0d09h56m
10~502 Heroes (box 10 Minis)ral Partha Miniature Ad&d Shrinkwrapped $65.00 0 0d11h07m
Ral partha dungeons & Dragons Planescape Freya Loose 11-608 Extremely Rare $75.00 0d11h28m
Ral partha dungeons & Dragons Planescape Maralith Loose 11-653 Extremely Rare $85.00 0d11h30m
Ral partha dungeons & Dragons Planescape Black Abishai Loose 11-655 Very Rare $75.00 0d11h32m
AD&D Ral Partha HORDE HEAVY CAVALRY 11-857 Miniature Dungeons and Dragons £10.00 0d02h38m
AD&D Ral Partha SPELLWEAVER 11-521 Miniature Dungeons and Dragons £10.00 0d02h39m
Ral Partha / Citadel miniature Fighter with Mace Pre slotta figure £0.99 0 1d00h16m
Ral Partha / Citadel miniature Traveller villager playing Lute. Pre slotta metal £0.99 0 1d00h16m
Ravenloft Village Mob Townfolk Ral Partha AD&D TSR Miniature (11-105 ) Pose 3 £0.99 0 1d23h25m
Ral Partha 1984 metal miniature Bowmen £2.49 2d00h48m
Ral Partha 1978 metal miniature Fighter with mace unpainted £2.49 2d02h44m
Ral Partha Dwarf with sword 1988 metal miniature Dungeons & Dragons solid base £1.99 2d07h43m
02-020 Elf Chariot Jeux Descartes Box Ral Partha AD&D TSR Miniature *Ultra-Rare* £79.99 3d07h50m
Ral Partha Imports FTF101 The Chaotic Band Box Set Citadel AD&D TSR Miniature £49.99 3d08h53m
RAL PARTHA Fine Pewter Skeleton Drum Set Band Figurine PP82 Miniature £4.99 3d12h08m
RAL PARTHA Fine Pewter Skeleton Guitar Player Band Figurine PP82 Miniature £4.99 3d12h15m
RAL PARTHA Fine Pewter Military Soldier War Figurine Miniature PP 843 £6.50 4d18h14m
Ral Partha 10-451 Bridge of Sorrows Dragon MIniature Set Out of Print £49.99 0 5d07h33m
01-503 The Great Red Dragon Ral Partha AD&D TSR Miniature **FACTORY SEALED** £159.99 5d12h59m
Council of Wyrm 11-580 Black Dragon Ral Partha AD&D TSR Miniature £49.99 5d14h32m
Council of Wyrm 11-578 Bronze Dragon Ral Partha AD&D TSR Miniature £39.99 5d14h34m
Council of Wyrm 11-581 Topaz Dragon Ral Partha AD&D TSR Miniature **Ultra-Rare** £69.99 5d15h39m
RARE RAL PARTHA AD&D MARUT PLANESCAPE 11-646 metal miniature £19.99 8d12h44m
Ral Partha 11-410 Ettin Giant Monsters AD&D TSR Miniature **RARE** £39.99 10d17h18m

  • Kraftiekutie

    I Have 8 of these things One is a wolf running One guy has a sword and viking hat with horns about 1″ One with an eagle head and he is pointing He is about 1″ tall 3 that are about 3/4″ They look like trolls Then the bigger one is about 2″ and looks like a Transformer
    Any of you know about them I am interested in selling them but have no idea what they are worth

  • Lead

    Ebay, ebay, ebay; the market will decide the price. 2″ is quite big for a ral-partha metal miniature.