Ral Partha

Ral Partha Miniatures ceased trading and production around 2001. Some of the production rights are now held by Iron Wind Metals and they still manufacture some of the historical range under license from Ral Partha sculptors.

Other than direct from Iron Wind Metals, the best place to search for them is on ebay.

Picture Description Price Total Bids Time remaining
Ral Partha TSR AD&D 11-430 Phase Spider metal Lead/Pewter Rare Miniature $30.00 0 0d00h46m
Dungeons & Dragons 1989 Ral Partha Displacer Beast Miniature D&D #11-413 $22.00 0 0d00h47m
Ral Partha TSR Collectible AD&D 1988 pewter Miniature # 11-402 “COUATL” $14.00 0 0d00h51m
Ral Partha AD&D Dungeons & Dragons collectible Pewter Miniature # 11-408 “TROLL” $14.00 0 0d00h51m
Ral Partha AD&D Monsters Mini Pegasus # 11-423 Painted Pewter Miniature $18.00 0 0d00h52m
Ral Partha 03-210 Elf Champion with Great Sword & Axe (1) Miniature Warrior Hero $4.95 0d01h16m
Ral Partha 01-033 Satyr (version 1) Miniature D&D $3.50 0 0d01h16m
Ral Partha Mounted Halfling with Axe Miniature D&D $3.50 0 0d01h20m
Ral Partha Mounted Halfling with Club Miniature D&D $3.50 0 0d01h40m
Ral Partha Dwarf Command Standard Miniature D&D $2.50 0 0d01h55m
Ral Partha Runequest Hero with Spear Miniature D&D $3.00 1 0d01h56m
Ral Partha Elf Hero 98-006 Dungeon Party Boxed Set Miniature D&D $2.00 1 0d01h57m
Ral Partha Wizards Warriors and Warlocks Goblin of the Night w/Axe Miniature D&D $2.00 0 0d01h59m
Ral Partha 3-Stage Player Character 01-319 Elf Thief Stage 3 Miniature D&D $2.00 0 0d02h00m
Ral Partha Galactic Grenadier Shoantra Alien Standing with Needle Gun Miniature $3.00 0 0d02h02m
Ral Partha Galactic Grenadier Mercenary Standing with Assault Rifle Miniature $3.00 0 0d02h03m
Ral Partha 20-127 Crimson Skies Douglas N100 Behemoth Combat Aircraft Miniature $11.95 0d02h20m
Ral Partha Classic Ninja miniature MINT $3.70 0d02h38m
Dungeons & Dragons Miniature Figure Pewter AD&D Barbarian Horde Human Ral Partha $29.99 0 0d05h02m
Ravenloft Village Personalities Ral Partha AD&D TSR Miniature (11-106 ) Vintage $0.99 1 0d07h59m
AD&D Ral Partha GRAY BLOSSOM UNARMORED INFANTRY 11-863 Miniature TSR £10.00 0d07h02m
AD&D Ral Partha HORDE HEAVY CAVALRY 11-857 Miniature Dungeons and Dragons £10.00 0d07h05m
AD&D Ral Partha SPELLWEAVER 11-521 Miniature Dungeons and Dragons £8.00 0d07h06m
Dungeons & Dragons Female fighter Miniature by Ral Partha. £2.00 0 1d14h56m
Dungeons & Dragons Female Warrior Miniature by Ral Partha £2.00 1 1d15h06m
Dundeons & Dragons Male Fighter Ral Partha Miniature £2.00 0 1d15h19m
Dungeons & Dragons Ral Partha Female Wizard Miniature. £2.00 0 1d15h29m
01-503 The Great Red Dragon Ral Partha AD&D TSR Miniature **FACTORY SEALED** £159.99 2d16h11m
Council of Wyrm 11-578 Bronze Dragon Ral Partha AD&D TSR Miniature £39.99 2d18h09m
Council of Wyrm 11-580 Black Dragon Ral Partha AD&D TSR Miniature £49.99 2d18h13m
Council of Wyrm 11-581 Topaz Dragon Ral Partha AD&D TSR Miniature **Ultra-Rare** £69.99 2d19h02m
vintage ral partha citadel figures roleplaying pre-slotta ad&d warhammer MULTI £19.99 3d04h49m
02-020 Elf Chariot Jeux Descartes Box Ral Partha AD&D TSR Miniature *Ultra-Rare* £79.99 3d12h25m
01-094 The Golden Dragon Ral Partha AD&D TSR Miniature **RARE** £39.99 3d12h35m
Ral Partha Imports FTF101 The Chaotic Band Box Set Citadel AD&D TSR Miniature £49.99 3d13h06m
Ral Partha, Denizen, Sci-Fi, D&D, Battle Tech,Miniature Figures. £19.99 0 4d09h01m
Ral Partha / Citadel miniature Traveller villager playing Lute. Pre slotta metal £0.99 0 4d12h15m
Ral Partha / Citadel miniature Fighter with Mace Pre slotta figure £0.99 0 4d12h16m
WOOD ELF WITH BOW CS1 Ral Partha Miniature solid base VERY RARE OOP 1977 £9.99 0 4d15h20m

  • Kraftiekutie

    I Have 8 of these things One is a wolf running One guy has a sword and viking hat with horns about 1″ One with an eagle head and he is pointing He is about 1″ tall 3 that are about 3/4″ They look like trolls Then the bigger one is about 2″ and looks like a Transformer
    Any of you know about them I am interested in selling them but have no idea what they are worth

  • Lead

    Ebay, ebay, ebay; the market will decide the price. 2″ is quite big for a ral-partha metal miniature.