Keep an eye on this list. I wouldn’t expect much to come up here, but when they do, chances are they are rare or particularly interesting miniatures that might be worth a look!

PictureDescriptionPriceTotal BidsTime remaining
Doom Cyberdemon Reaper miniatures id Antholog Promo model RARE pewter miniature$41.0050d07h45m
Doom Demon Reaper pewter collectible$30.0000d18h09m
DOOM 3 Baron Of Hell Pewter figurine by Reaper Miniatures: ID Software$59.9900d19h40m
Doom Cyber Demon Reaper Miniature Figure 1996 id Software (Rare) MINT! Minatures$27.0022d22h05m
Reaper Miniatures ID Software Doom 3 Cacodemon$42.503d19h20m
Doom Baron of Hell – Reaper Miniatures – 1996 id Software$60.004d13h18m
Arachnotron Doom Reaper Miniature Pewter Figure RARE- Sandra Garrity 1996. 66613$159.9905d19h17m
Cacodemon DOOM Reaper Miniature iD Software pewter figure *RARE* 1996$79.9905d19h17m
Doom Reaper Miniatures Baron of Hell Pewter Figurine RARE Sample Pre-Prod 1995$399.999d00h23m
RARE Reaper Miniatures Doom 3 Baron of Hell Pewter Figurine 1993-97 ID Software$49.9510d20h32m
Baron of Hell Doom Pewter Reaper Miniatures id Software 66612$54.9913d07h48m
Doom Pinky Demon – Reaper Miniatures – 1996 id Software$40.0015d15h02m
Doom Zombie Marine with Shotgun – Reaper Miniatures – 1996 id Software$30.0020d10h08m
Doom Zombie Marine with Rifle – Reaper Miniatures – 1996 id Software$30.0021d18h41m
Reaper Doom Cacodemon 66607 (J Guthrie)$120.0023d19h03m
DooM Zombie Marine Shotgun Reaper Miniatures 1996 id Software Pewter Figure RAR!$38.5024d02h08m
Ultimate DooM Zombie Autorifle Reaper Miniatures 1996 id Software Pewter Figure$38.5024d02h17m
Ultimate DooM Cyberdemon Reaper Miniatures 1996 id Software Pewter Figure vRare!$200.0024d03h17m
Doom Mancubus – Reaper Miniatures – 1997 id Software – pewter$30.0024d13h55m
Doom Lost Soul – Reaper Miniatures – 1996 id Software$70.0024d14h02m
Doom Cyberdemon Reaper miniatures id Antholog Promo model RARE pewter miniature£41.0050d07h45m
DooM Cyberdemon Prototype Reaper Miniatures Vintage id Software Pewter Figure£1,500.0027d01h50m
Forgotten Realms – D&D – Ral Partha – Drizzt Do’Urden$35.0003d19h17m
OOP Ral Partha Drizzt$15.007d21h41m
Ral Partha 01-042 Frost Giant (1) 25mm Miniature Fantasy Barbarian Warrior NIB$15.759d13h16m
Forgotten Realms Heroes, Ral Partha AD&D #10-550, Sealed SW, Drizzt, Elminster$74.959d15h03m
Ral Partha FROST GIANT 01-057 Dungeons Dragons AD&D Grenadier Miniature Metal$12.9913d17h45m
Ral Partha 11-436 Frost Giant Monsters AD&D TSR Miniature$39.9913d21h18m
TSR OOP AD&D Frost Giant 11-436 ral partha long oop$44.9916d09h16m
Frost Giant Ral Partha 11-436 OOP Miniature RPG TSR D&D$47.4917d08h07m
TSR AD&D Ral Partha RARE 11-436 Frost Giant OOP $37.9924d19h59m
Frost Giant, Ral Partha #01-057, Things That Go Bump in the Night$19.9526d08h58m
Hand Painted Custom Ral Partha Miniature 01-057 Frost Giant **RARE**$35.0028d07h46m
ral partha frost giant$12.0029d11h43m
Beautifully painted and based Frost Giant Ral Partha HOTT DBA Fantasy Hords WRG £55.005d09h05m
Ral Partha 02-414 Frost Giant ADD Advanced Dungeons Dragons BNIB New Metal ATDAD£42.496d10h39m
Ral Partha #F various adventures figures etc MULTI-LIST ad&d warhammer metal£9.9926d01h39m
Citadel LE15 Chaos Amazonette and Warlock BNIB Limited Edition Warhammer OOP GW£84.999d11h54m
Games Workshop Citadel LE15 Chaos Amazon Kinky Chaosette Limited Edition OOP£49.9926d10h18m
Thrud the Barbarian Miniature$14.991d16h21m