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Otherworld DR1 Drow Warriors I

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

Otherworld have been busy again. This time with a set of evil dark elves or Drow if you like.

Otherworld DR1 Drow Warriors I

Otherworld DR1 Drow Warriors I - Sculpted by Matt Bickley

What would have made this pack perfect would have been a dual-scimitar wielding drow with headband and bracers on his feet. He could possible be mistaken for Drizzt Do’Urden. Add in a large black panther (Guenhwyvar) in a wild encounters set and I’m sold!

Anyway these figures look pretty good to me; well done Matt for a good sculpt.

From the site:

This is a pack of 3 Drow Warriors, the first models of an extensive range planned for the coming months. The photo shows the sculptor’s master models. The Drow range is being sculpted by Matt Bickley. They stand at around 24-26mm tall to the eyes, and will be supplied with 25mm round plastic bases.

Usual Price – £11.00

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