Reaper Miniatures – Terror On Planet X

October 26th, 2011 by Lead

Winning my coveted painted miniature of the week is this fabulous diorama entitled “Terror On Planet X”…

What did they make the landscape out of? My guesss is some kind of crunchy breakfast cereal. Might get a bit smelly after a few weeks though and whatever you do don’t go spilling milk over it.

I love Reaper Miniature’s mouselings and own a few of the little guys myself. You can get the mouselings separately or with the big buy as a deluxe “Terror On Planet X” set.

Reaper also currently have a halloween offer (until end of October) of a small bag of halloween related goodies if you spend over 40 dollars with them.

Space Mouslings Reaper RPR 01434 is available on Ebay US for $13.11 and expires in 18 days 04 hours & 12 minutes.

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